pick your lock
Krassi wrote her first poem at age six, in her native Bulgarian. Several published (and many unpublished) poems later, she won an international poetry prize and an honorary medal from the Union of Bulgarian Writers.

Upon moving to the U.S. for college, she discovered that the proverbial language barrier becomes a concrete wall when one is trying to write - or even read - poetry in a foreign language. Sylvia Plath would have been the final straw, but eventually one poem (Snakecharmer) caused the wall to crack.

Three years later, at the end of law school, Krassi was accepted into Forrest Gander's poetry writing class at Harvard College. After a semester, he told her she should quit law to become a writer - advice she will always be grateful for.

Although quitting was not an option, the idea took hold and over the next few years, while practicing law in New York and Chicago, she continued to write poetry. Her chapbook became a semi-finalist in two poetry competitions, and several of her poems were published in literary journals.

The chapbook itself is as of yet unpublished, and remains a work in progress.